colorado mountain modern

Client: Colorado Mountain Modern
Year: 2016
Disciplines: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Print Design, Web Design

Launching in the Summer of 2016, Colorado Mountain Modern is a furniture and outdoor fixture company that offers high-end, custom products designed in a clean, contemporary aesthetic and embodies the outdoor-living lifestyle. The Colorado Mountain Modern team needed a logo, print collateral and a single-page website design that encompassed the personality of the brand, told a story of quality, and showcased the unique duality of rustic-meets-modern look of the products. logo, white text on red
Mockup Image
Website Mockup Image
Website Mockup Image
Product Body Label
Logo Variants

Different logos were designed with subtle spacing differences on the full color badges to accommodate for the optical illusion of the negative space appearing closer together than it really is. These are some additional logo lockups and color systems for the client to use, as needed.