nob hill main street

Client: Nob Hill Main Street
Year: 2014-2016
Disciplines: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Print Design, Web Design

Nob Hill Main Street is a federally-funded, non-profit organization consisting of dedicated residents, small businesses, and community groups working together with local government agencies whose aim is to revitalize blighted areas in within the community. In order to improve their visual positioning, a colleague and I rebranded them, providing them with a fresh, mature identity system to help establish a more professional look and feel for the group. The project extended across a wide variety of print pieces and to their website.

Nob Hill Main Street logo
GIF showing difference between previous logo and rebranded logo
Logo Redesign

During the redesign, the choice for the logo's typography was heavily considered. Nob Hill was platted and heavily developed between the late 1920's through 1950's. Much of the development focused on the automobile and the historic Route 66 which cut through the middle of the neighborhood. The automobile was the symbol of modernity, and much of the signage employed throughout Nob Hill utilized modernist typography. For the rebrand, we relied on the font FF Yoga. While designed in 2009, FF Yoga is morphologically similar to the signage implemented in the historic and iconic photograph of the founder of Nob Hill (photographed).

Mockups of print collateral

Nob Hill was known for its vibrant neon signage. Recent legislation preserves the history, and all new development is required to preserve existing historic signage. When choosing a color for Nob Hill Main Street, we opted to use a vibrant, neon green; an hommage to the eye-catching signs throughout the neighborhood.

Pantone, Hex, CMYK and RGB Color Chart
Mockups of print collateral
Mockups of print collateral
Mobile Website Mockup Screens
Web Design

Nob Hill is a walkable and friendly neighborhood with plenty of history. The design strategy for website was that it first had to look good on mobile devices. It was designed on the Bootstrap framework to be easily accessible and legible for those on-foot, walking through the neighborhood.

Mobile Website Mockup Screens
Mobile Website Mockup Screens