3D Basecamp

3D Basecamp is a big deal for SketchUp users. It is a traveling, biennial conference that brings together dedicated users from across the globe to learn about the world’s most popular 3D software. In 2018, it was held in Palm Springs, California. The branding was designed to celebrate the location, be fun and approachable.

Project Details
Art Direction
Website Design
Print Design
Design Team
Mike Heighway, Art Director
Sam Nielsen, Designer
David Budd, Photography

Illustration Style

The illustration system is a critical part of the 3D Basecamp personality. For each event, the location changes. For 2018, 3D Basecamp was held in Palm Springs, CA. We leveraged off the art and architecture to create an illustration style that felt relevant to the location, but also true to the SketchUp brand. A kit-of-parts was created for the design team, which provided us with a library of assets to pull from. Any member of the design team could pull from the library to quickly assemble graphics to meet rapidly approaching deadlines in an efficiently manner.

Swag & Environmental Design

As with every major event, the brand was brought into the physical environment through large graphics and swag. This year, the swag bag was a particularly sought-after rucksack.


To help support digital marketing efforts for 3D Basecamp, animations were created to breathe some life into the promotional material, whether it was a targeted email, a social media post, or a blog entry.

Animated Email Headers

A series of animated email headers were made to help with recipient engagement and read-through.

Animated Assets

A small library of animated assets was created for quick use in social media posts, email blasts, or other touchpoints.


A multi-page, animated microsite was designed to support the marketing team, and to provide attendees with workshop and presentation schedules once the event started.

Style Guide

The design team was working with production vendors to help bring 3D Basecamp to reality. The style guide communicated all the necessary standards around typography, color and language, as well the illustration technique.