Ping Identity Brand Design

In 2021, I led Ping Identity’s design team in a refresh of its brand identity. The project repositioned the company as a modern, digital brand. We started with a complete overhaul of the website, reconsidering the user experience and accessibility. This served as the foundation for all other core assets to follow, from event booth and environmental design, to social media templates and sales decks. The result was a clean, mature design aesthetic.

Project Details
Design Systems
Creative Direction
Brand Standards
Website Design
Design Team
Mike Heighway, Creative Director
Régine Carreras, Senior Designer
Josh Kulchar, Senior Designer
Katie Daugherty, Designer

Project Reimagine

The project was a massive redesign of Ping Identity’s corporate website under an extraordinarily tight timeline. The website redesign served as the backbone for the extension of the brand redesign. We developed new illustration and diagram styles, iconography, photography styles and treatment, downloadable asset templates (white papers, buyer’s guides, ultimate guides), social media templates, event templates, decks, reports and more. As part of recognizing the hard work of the team, a commemorative silk-screened t-shirt was designed. (Everybody loved it!)

Reimagine Launch Team

As part of recognizing the hard work of the team, a commemorative silk-screened t-shirt with custom lettering was designed. (Everybody loved it!)


All new imagery styles were created as a part of Reimagine. We rethought how we drew our illustrations and diagrams, treated photography, and created new scroll-based animations to explain our complex products and ecosystem.

Diagram Styles

New diagram styles were developed to give more brand ownership over informational and explanatory graphics.

Photography Styles

New photography styles were developed to integrate our iconography and illustrations. The combination of visual elements allowed us to maintain better control over the visual narrative and tell our stories better.

Platform Graphic

Ping Identity offers a variety of solutions. The platform graphic helped explain our offerings as a dynamic element on the website. The graphic was tied to the user’s scroll position, and helped express where our products tied into a larger, complex system of identity security.

Event Design

Ping Identity holds a number of annual events across the US and EMEA. The new visual design system relied heavily on typography and our unique library of icons and patterns to bring the multiple annual events held into one cohesive look and feel. The base design system was intended to be flexible enough to allow for specialized one-off instances like Sales Kick Off.

Booth Design & Signage

The new design system embraced our brand red as a means of calling out key phrases or brand moments. The iconography used in the booth design leverages from the web design system and creates continuity between the digital and physical environments.

Sales Kickoff 2022

The annual kick off for Ping Identity’s sales team got special treatment in 2022. Fresh off our launch of Project Reimagine, we focused our efforts in extending the visual design system into the sub-brand of this weeklong event held in Denver.


The design team supported various teams in the creation and production of multiple campaigns across the US and EMEA. These campaigns mostly focused on awareness and paid marketing.

Report Design

Ping Identity produces a number of assets for download and print. These assets vary in length and complexity. Different templates were created for each type of deliverable (eBooks, Buyer’s Guides, White Papers, et cetera).

Product Branding

When Ping Identity released DaVinci, a no-code orchestration product, a special brand identity was designed for the occasion.

Project Management

Asana is our tool of choice for managing the heavy load of projects our team is involved with on a daily basis. We created a universal form for marketing design requests in order to collect as much relevant information as possible at the time of submission.