Terra Design System

Terra is a design system built for a Fortune 1000 company to support rapid design and development of marketing sites. Its sister product, Luna, is a template system of organisms that are assembled to build larger page templates.

Trimble’s Integrated Marketing Services required a design system to support new marketing sites. The design, development and implementation of this design system and set of templates has brought consistency to a fragmented system. Terra is now being implemented across numerous websites for Trimble.

Project Details
Art Direction
Brand Standards
Website Design
Digital Design
Design Team
Tyler Barnard, Creative Strategist
Mike Heighway, Art Director,
Sean Ortiz, UX Lead
Sam Nielsen, Designer


Terra is a design system, built up of atoms and molecules. These building blocks inform the design of the organisms. Organisms are designed to be fully responsive and then are placed together come together to compose pages.

Documentation Site

To support the adoption of Terra, an internal documentation site was created. The site serves as a style guide, codebase and general resource for the design and development teams.

Release Documentation

To inform teams of updates to the core design system, Terra, and the template system, Luna, and their respective roadmaps, supporting documentation is released continually released.